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When we partner with the youth we expand our capacity for change because they will carry it well into the future.  The UN Reboot Accelerator Series is a call for innovative solutions initiated by the United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) that aims to utilize the crowdsourcing platform to solve global challenges.  This launch of global hackathons provides an opportunity for innovators from around the world to support the work and mandates of the UN.


OITC United Nations

Chief Information Officer

Atefeh Riazi

UN Reboot Accelerator Lead

Dianne Dain

Reboot Health & Wellbeing

The series unites teams of young UN innovators and designers who are creating the newly announced UN Reboot Accelerator, designed to bring together innovative tech solution builders to connect with the core work of the United Nations and it’s sister agencies.

The core of these networks focuses on collaboration to find solutions for society’s most pressing needs.  Youth innovators are brought together with focus on topics like ocean sustainability and youth mental health all over the globe.   Most recently, these innovations have supported the relief efforts for COVID-19 with focuses on responsible businesses, health and well-being, everyday heroes, and working from home.

Aditya Sood
girl power & ocean
Dianne with youth innovators
WHY #RebootAccelerator

The platform enables global citizens to contribute directly to solving global challenges by developing crowd-sourced solutions and allows them to engage with other young innovators.

The platform presents an opportunity for multiple stakeholders — from the UN, academia, and the private and public sectors, — to collaborate on solutions.

The platform presents a space to share feedback and ideas that lead to knowledge sharing, which will foster innovative solutions.

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